Travel Itinerary - Luxury

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How adventurous you really are?

This pandemic taught us that we no longer can plan that much far in the future. But we know that last minute planning can take us to a lot of stress. So why not make your perfect travel itinerary in advance, so you will be all set when you decide for your last minute trip.

We know that rushing from one place to another, breakfast in one city, lunch in another, and dinner in the third one... We offer slow tourism, no rush, exploring one place thoroughly ... to feel, to explore, to make memories for a lifetime…

We offer experience!!!

We are offering our professional and in-depth knowledge of the destination, in order to plan your dream travel itinerary.

With this package we will offer all in depth knowledge about the destination, offer full itinerary with unlimited numbers of reservations for all the services you wish to include in your itinerary.


Luxury Regular Reduced
Price per itinerary €150 €120

Package price include:

- itinerary planning

- you can change your mind 2 x, and we will make changes to your itinerary

 - we will suggest hotel, transportations, and attractions you can book and visit 

- unlimited numbers of reservations: we will make  all reservations for suggested services in the itinerary


Not included in price:

- hotel, excursions, museum tickets, dinners costs are not included - you need to pay for all by your self.


With all itinerary packages we will offer the possibility to make the payment for itinerary as a full package price.