One of the most beautiful and artistically inspired towns of the world, often also called “miniature Venice”. Trogir is 3000 years old and its old centre is a protected UNESCO heritage site. 

Take a walk through the old city centre to the St. Lovre's cathedral, built from the 13th till 17th century, so the styles you can find there are Romanic, Gothic, Renaissance and Mannerism. You can visit the Cathedral and climb the bell tower every day except Sundays 8-18h (April, May, Sept, Oct), 8-19h (Jun) and 8-20h (Jul, Aug). Due to masses on Sunday morning it is possible to visit it (unless you don’t want to participate in mass service) in the afternoon hours, from 12 noon.

Kamerlengo fortress at the very end of the promenade (Riva) is an irreplaceable summer stage, definitively worth seeing. It offers a fantastic look and is open for visitors: April/Sept/Oct 10-17h, May/Jun 10-19h, Jul/Aug 10-22h. 

Trogir Town Museum is located in the palace Garagnin-Fanfogna, next to the northern city gate, and its collections show political, cultural and artistic development of the town from its foundation till the 20th century. During spring and fall, the museum is open until 14h Mon-Fri, summer working hours are yet to be set so please check at the tourist office for details.

Trogir is full of good and quality restaurants, and some of our suggestions are restaurant Fontana on Riva, that offers quality meat and fish dishes; pizzeria Mirkec, restaurants Monica, Tragos and Kamerlengo. Lounge bar Kalebota and wine bar Kapo offer variety of quality wines, cheese and salads. 

There are many small cafes and bars in the city centre open during the day and in the evening. They play domestic and foreign music and host both locals and tourists for coffee and drinks.

For more detailed information, brochures and maps visit the tourist office on the main square next to the Cathedral.