BLISS - Dubrovnik and Split

How real can a film be?

I can see the allegory in the film „Bliss“ that will have a premiere on 5. February 2021 on Amazon Prime.

The things that are happening around us lately, starting from Covid pandemic, earthquakes, losses in the economy, wars, pollution, politicians fighting over vaccine... How ugly our world can be?  

And then there is “real life” – the beautiful peaceful real world of bliss.

The bliss we can feel when enjoying the time with our loved ones, when doing something we like with our friends, when taking a vacation to a new and amazing place.

There is so much allegory in this film that we can convey and identify with the current situation, and I cannot wait for the premiere.

What is also interesting about this film is the fact that “bliss” locations were filmed in Split and Dubrovnik in summer 2019. Even in the trailer you can see the beauties of Split locations – Split Waterfront (Riva), Mestrovic gallery, Prokurative.

These are all hotspots to come and look around while in Split.

Split waterfront – Riva – is the promenade that people of Split like the most. To come here, sit for a coffee and a pack of conversations with friends or family. We can say that Split way of life is connected to this popular place.

Prokurative is a part of Riva, they are located west of the Riva, and they were named after the arches found on the neo-Renaissance buildings surrounding the square on three sides.

Mestrovic gallery, a perfect venue for event or wedding ceremony, the legacy of Croatian most famous sculpture artist Ivan Meštrović. He build the property to be his summer residence, but never had a chance to live his “bliss” there…

Enjoy the film, fall in love with the “bliss” locations, and set Split on your to-do travel list for 2021 J